3 Changes I would make..


Three changes I would like to make at St. James High School is the dress code, racism, and tardiness.

I believe that the dress code is one of the 3 important things that should be changed in this school. Dress code is the most common thing that gets people in trouble and makes them end up in Iss for one block period making them miss one lesson which could make them fall behind and be lost when they come back the next day. Or sometimes they make a phone call to your parents. I believe that this school should let the students wear whatever they want to wear. Tamya says, “I think that dress code is very dumb, because some girls get dress coded for stupid reasons like ripped jeans and they have to put tape on it, but then they let you wear really short shorts in gym and they don’t care”.

Another thing that should be changed is racism. Racism is everywhere in this building and people find it funny making racist jokes but honestly they should start maturing as people and as students. As someone that has experienced this I can say that it is the worst moment of your life when people make jokes of your race and say things like “ Don’t feel offended.. Or Don’t take it seriously”. I feel like we should stop this nonsense and come to school for one reason and that reason is to learn. Tamaya says, “I think that racism around this school is not taken seriously enough and it’s always from the same type of people, most people take it as a joke but it could really hurt someone’s feelings or stick with them”.

The 3rd thing I would change is what they do to people that are tardy to school. If they don’t want students to be tardy then they should open the school’s door before 7:53am. Sometimes this school doesn’t realize that there is always a reason why students are tardy and when they try to give the teachers a reason they still mark you tardy. Brianna says, “the amount of students that get Iss only for tardies is dumb there is a difference between skipping and hanging with your friends and then there’s parents who have to ask for favors from people because they work and they don’t want to leave their child outside for the longest time”.