Improving St James High School

Improving St James High School

Three changes I would make to better St James High school are adding a study block, adding late arrival and early release days for students that don’t get those everyday, and revamping our student parking lot.


The first argument is adding a study block to our schedule. I feel like this could benefit the students that attend St James because quite a few students have jobs after school and not every kid has internet access. We could have a study block during advisor class if we are not doing anything special that day.


Kayla Thompson says, “A free block where we can do work would help us manage our time and use it wisely.” 


The second change I would make is adding in a late arrival and early release days. But don’t worry, this would only happen about once a month. Also, I think it would be fun to have a change in things.


“I think it would be good because if students need more down time and staying late at school you could possibly start shutting down and it sometimes gets really stressful,” Mia Zogopoulos says.


Lastly, something we are all very familiar with, the stress of finding a parking spot in the student parking lot. What I think we should do is fill in the pond in the parking lot, if it doesn’t have any special importance, and create more parking slots. 


Allison Gardner says, “I feel like there should be a designated spot for students who arrive late because I can never find a spot.”