Three Things I Would Change About St.James High School


Three changes I would make to St.James High School are Language class options, add more days that you’re allowed to miss, and adding a LGBTQ+ class. 

St.James offers only two languages french and spanish which are both useful to learn, but I feel it would be more beneficial to offer a ray of options. The main problem with this is finding people to teach these classes, but there should be more of an effort to diversify the choices. One new language option I feel should definitely be add is ASL. I feel like ASL is very useful and you can help translate for many people. 

“Adding this class would educated people on a language that is just as important the other language even if its not spoken,” says Kayla

There are many reasons someone may be absent or needing to leave early and I feel what this school allows, only three days of absence, is too little. We all have home lifes and things that are out of control which is reasonable. Sometimes you just need a metal brake day, but because of this limit you are not able to take the brake. So adding more days to the limit may help teens not feel burnt out. 

“SOmetimes people can’t mentally go to school and that happens more than you would know. Going to school can just put pressure on you more especially if that press arises from school itself,” says Emily.

At schools in general I feel there should be more and egre help to the young LGBTQ+ community in their walls. Offering a class to educate and teach students about the community, the history and the people of the LGBTQ+ can be a turning point when it comes to how safe students feel. Young teens want to be themselves and be seen and having this class help provide that.

“I think it would be a good safe place for young kids who usually feel unsafe in an environment with people who usual don’t support that,”says Mia.