Three Changes I Would Make To St. James High School

Three Changes I Would Make To St. James High School

Three changes i would make to St.James High School are the dress code,the tardy policy, and the cell phone policy.

 I would make the change of dress code because everytime girls try to wear what they want they can never wear what they want and they let the boys wear whatever they want and to me i would let girls have some freedom and boys also because schools wont girls dress how they want too and girls get upset about it. 

Layla says that we should have more freedom with regards to the way that we dress because it isn’t our fault that grown people decide to sexualize us. Obviously things such as bathing suits and stuff like that shouldn’t be allowed in school; but legs,shoulders,and our stomach should not be sexualized by grown people seeing as we are kids.

I would make the change of the tardy policy because people wake up late or they dont see the time stamp of what time they have to be to class and then also matter of the fact of how if we get to class a minute late its not our fault just give us a waring and then us learn about school so we can graduate.

Justin says, “ The tardy policy should be lessened due to it just making students miss more class due to the long lines to get notes”

I would make the change of the cell phone policy because people should be able to go on there phones while the teacher is not teaching and or if you have your own time to do work then you can go on your phone or listen to music or text someone important  about a emergency.

Graham says,”I think students should be able to se their phone whenever they want to even if they arent doing their work because its their property.