If I was Principal…

If I was Principal...

If I were the principal of a school, I would build a gym for the cheer team and dancers, have better and more vending machine options, and change the dress code. 


At St. James, we offer track, football, tennis, golf, basketball, competitive cheerleading, competitive dance, lacrosse, volleyball, wrestling, baseball, and swimming. Football, track, and lacrosse use the football field and practice fields. Tennis has their own tennis courts, baseball has their own field, golf practices at another course, basketball and volleyball practices in the big gym, swimming practices at another pool, but the sharkies practice in the hallway, and the cheer team and wrestlers have to share the mini gym. 


This means that the cheer team and wrestlers switch between having an early practice and a late practice. 


“If the cheer team and the dancers had their own facility, the dancers wouldn’t have to practice in the hallway, and the cheer team could leave their mats out which would save them time in their practices,” says Camryn. 


I would provide more options for vending machines, from snacks to drinks. I believe that t is important for students to have access to other food except from the cafeteria. 


“I think that we should have more choices to drinks and snacks, some people don’t think that drinking from water fountains re safe to use, especially in covid times, so a drink vending machine would help with that,” says Jordan.  


The dress code is strict, I believe in having a dress code, but some of the rules are ridiculous. Most girls today have a hard time finding jeans without holes in them, so I would allow the holes in their jeans to be bigger. As long as their tops aren’t strapless, cleavage isn’t too low, and no under-breast is showing they will be fine.


Also, men staff members are only allowed to dresscode BOYS, it is unacceptable and extremely inappropriate for a male administrator to dress code a minor girl. 


“Dress code is absolutely outrageous!” says Lauren.