Three Changes to be Considered at St. James High School


Three changes I would make to St. James High School would be loosening dress code restrictions, introducing healthier food alternatives, and allowing students younger than seniors to be able to have an early release or late arrival.


Firstly, our school’s dress code is not necessarily too strict, but given our school’s location, it should be changed. South Carolina is considered tropical, with temperatures averaging 74 degrees Fahrenheit each spring, from months March to May. Our dress code does not allow students to wear thin-strapped tank tops or shorts that go higher than above the knee. Although this is understandable to prevent sexualization of the students, the rules should be loosened in order to keep us as students more comfortable during our warmer months. 


My classmate Emily Gardner says, “I agree, clothing should not be sexualized at school, we should be able to be comfortable while we’re here.”


Secondly, we should be given healthier alternatives in school lunches. For example, every single day this week, we have had pizza as an option for lunch. Yes, we do have salads, but our hot food should have more nutrition. We also could carry more meatless or vegan options to cater more to students who don’t eat meat. 


“How many times have we had chicken nuggets this week? It’s crazy how our options are so limited and they don’t change,” says Jaden McBride. 


Lastly, some students who have all of their graduation-required credits that are younger than seniors should be able to have an early release or late arrival for one of their class periods. It is unfair to be coming to a full schedule of classes that are unnecessary.


“If the student has already met their requirements to graduate, then there shouldn’t be any reason why they can’t have early release. It’s as if they were being punished,” says Mandi Pelley.