Major Changes are Needed


Three things that I would change about St. James Highschool are the car line, ISS, and change the amount of time it takes to switch classes. 

The first thing that I would change would be the car line. The car line in the morning and in the afternoon is a mess; the line is always backed up. In order to prevent the traffic, I would add a new separate entrance into the school for car drivers or car riders.

“I am always late to my class at least once or twice a week due to the line,” says Josh.

I believe that in-school suspension needs to be removed altogether. Instead, I would replace it with after-school suspension because students shouldn’t be worried about losing class time.

Graham says, “some kids couldn’t help being late some days of the week, they don’t deserve to lose class time.”

Ever since the second and third bells have been removed, it has been a struggle to get to classes. Classes that are on the other end of the school, while you’re at the front or back of the school, have been tough to get to. To combat this I would add a second bell to give students more time to get to their classes.

“It has become nearly impossible for me to get to some of my classes due to the large amounts of people in the hallways,” says Josh.