Changes I Would Make at St.James


Three changes I would make to St. James High School are dress code, study hall, and a mental health class. 

Dress code if you were to ask a teenager in high school what one thing they would change many would say dress code. I don’t understand why girls shouldn’t be allowed to wear a tank top in school when its 90 degrees plus outside. We should be allowed to wear what we want without having to change who we are, in my opinion as long as what we are wearing is appropriate we should be allowed to wear it that a girl with her shoulders showing without having to worry if the guys are going to be distracted. 

“The idea that girls are somehow responsible for ‘provoking’ harassment from boys is shamefully exacerbated by an epidemic of increasingly sexist school dress codes. Across the United States, stories have recently emerged about girls being hauled out of class, publicly humiliated, sent home, and even threatened with expulsion for such transgressions as wearing tops with ‘spaghetti straps,’ wearing leggings or (brace yourself) revealing their shoulders. The reasoning behind such dress codes, which almost always focus on the girls’ clothing to a far greater extent than the boys’, is often euphemistically described as the preservation of an effective ‘learning environment.’ Often schools go all out and explain that girls wearing certain clothing might ‘distract’ their male peers, or even their male teachers….in reality these messages privilege boys’ apparent ‘needs’ over those of the girls, sending the insidious message that girls’ bodies are dangerous and provoke harassment, and boys can’t be expected to control their behavior, so girls are responsible for covering up….his education is being prioritized over hers,” says Laura Bates. 

Study hall is a block during the day that would allow students to have a break while being able to do homework and study for tests and quizzes. In schools in the North you would have 45 minutes of study hall when you had the chance to get work done that you may not be able to do at home. 

“Having a study hall would allow me to have a break while being able to get more of my work done in school rather than it all be left for home, ”says Joseph. 

We have classes on all different subjects that you wouldn’t think of seeing in a high school so why shouldn’t high schools add a class just on mental health. I know from personal experience who struggle with mental health and didn’t know better about it. If we were to have a mental health class we would be able to better know if someone is struggling or how to help others and raise awareness. I believe schools should talk more about mental health because many students in high school suffer from different things that can be prevented  if we only would have known about mental health.

“ I don’t know much about mental health and I would want to help other people and recognize the signs to help others so I would love this to be added as a class, ”says Mia.