What I Would Change at St. James High School


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Excited schoolchildren standing with hands up

Three changes I would make to St. James High School would be time, lunch, and half days on Friday.

I think that the school day should start one hour later. There are multiple studies that correlate with sleep and learning. Sleeping more makes you more ready for the day, and sleeping helps you remember a topic well. Also, I think many kids go to sleep at late times, mostly because of school work and studying. Being able to wake up later would make kids ready for the school day and they will do better academically. I would personally enjoy school more if I was able to wake up later since I would be less tired.

“Scientists have long known that a good night’s sleep works wonders for our ability to learn new skills.” says, MedicalNewsToday.com.

My second argument is that St. James should let kids drive off to nearby restaurants for lunch. I think kids will be more likely to eat what they want instead of mystery meat at school. Letting kids leave would be with caution, and all kids who leave will be accounted for so there will be no skipping.

“I think it’s a good idea,” says Jonathan Follrod.

My third change would be to have a half-day on Friday. I think half days of Fridays would be great for school spirit and would make kids even happier on Fridays. I think on half days we would still get the right amount of learning. I think everyone deserves a half-day on Friday since a lot of people have had a long week and want to get home. Being able to get out around lunchtime would be good for sophomore drivers since during this time they can’t drive past 6 pm, and most people want to hang out with friends on Fridays.

“Fridays are the best days for half-day early releases. Teachers can focus more on their professional development, it would extend the weekend, and everyone would be happier.” says themustangmoon.com.