If I Were Principal For The Day…

If I Were Principal For The Day...

If I were principal for the day three changes I would make to St. James High School’s dress code policy, class lengths, and lunch schedules.

Dress code policy is something everyone, specifically girls, deal with at some point throughout the year. It makes choosing seasonal outfits more difficult, some of us feel extremely uncomfortable, and like we can’t dress the way we want too.

“The dress code at SJH is a bit over the top and not fair to most students. A male teacher dress coded me towards the beginning of the year and ever since I have felt much more uncomfortable in this learning environment.” says Camryn Navey. 

Another improvement that could be made is class lengths. I personally think that we should have a 6-class schedule with shorter class lengths. We get more credits in one semester out of it, learn more, and get to meet more people.

“I think I would get more out of a 6 class schedule and get my credits done faster” says Graham Edwards.

Lunch schedules should be altered to just one grade level. It’s uncomfortable being a group of freshmen in a mainly junior lunch. When you’re at your own grade level, chances are you know more people there.

“I agree with the lunch schedule mixing not working, I tend to eat in the classroom to avoid eating with upperclassmen I don’t know” says Maddie Stevens.