Three Changes I would Make to St.James High School

Three Changes I would Make to St.James High School

If I was a person in charge at St. James High School I would change the dress code, a building for the cheer and dance team, and tardy policy.

The dress code here is very strict and a bit absurd. Girls aren’t allowed to wear ripped jeans or shorts but guys can wear shorts that sometimes are shorter than the guys. I feel like if someone cant wear shorts then other people shouldn’t be able to wear dog collars and chains. 

Lauren Steele says, “As someone who has been dress coded by a male teacher it makes me feel very uncomfortable as a young teenage girl.”

At St. James high most of the sports teams have their own dedicated place to practice. The wrestlers have the “mini-gym”, the weightlifters have a whole workout gym, the basketball players have the big gym, the track and cross-country runners have the track and cut out in the woods to run, the football players have the field, the lax and soccer players have the practice fields, and the baseball and softball players have the fields. I think the cheer and dance team needs their own space because we have more practice than all of these sports. 

Maddie Stevens says, “We would have a longer amount o time to practice because we wouldn’t have o worry about rolling the mats in and out.” 

The last thing I would change is the tardy policy, I feel like tardies are just dumb and you shouldn’t have them because have plenty of time to get from class to class. The only tardy someone should have is in the morning if you get to school late. I feel like it should be fewer tardies than you get ISS or a punishment.

Mr. Moore says, “I think students know that they can be late five times so by human nature they’re going to be late.”