Changes I would make at st.james high

Changes I would make at st.james high

Three changes I would make to st. James highschool are lunch, classes hours, and breaks,


I would like to seest. James let students leave campus to get lunch or It gives students to option to get what they want and make students feel better about school


Jonathan says “I think it would be a great idea to let students get food on their own because the school food gets old and it’s not that good.”


Another thing I would change is class hours or class days. I think it would be better for students if we took two classes for one half of the week and another for the other half, this would give students less homework and it would be easier for teachers.


“ I think having two classes a day and alternate would be a great idea,” says Lauren


I Think students deserve more breaks in the day. Students work all day and work from bell to bell and most students are still doing work at our one break, lunch, 15-minute breaks should be at the end of every class.


Tyler says, “I totally agree with that I see a lot of students working on schoolwork during lunch, and students have too much work to do and no break time, breaks would be a great idea.”