Things I Would Change at St. James High School


Three changes that I would make at St. James High School has a dress code, the time school starts, and adding a cosmetology class.


Dress code at St.James is strict. It is not fair that the girls can’t wear shorts or tank tops during warm weather without getting dress coded. I would change the dress code to that you can wear whatever you want as long as it covers what it needs to cover.


“I do not think that there should be so many rules for girls because a guy is not going to sexualize someone’s arm,” says Maia.


I would also change the time school starts to later. A lot of kids are not getting enough sleep as they should because they stay up all night because of work and homework but then they are expected to wake up at 6 to get ready for school.


“I think we should start school later because people are not fully awake when they get to school,” says Maia.


Another thing that I would change at St.James High School is adding a cosmetology class. Although there are a lot of classes you can take at this school they don’t offer a cosmetology class. I think that if we had one a lot of people would love to take it.


“I think we should have a cosmetology class because people that want to do that in the future don’t have an opportunity to lean it in school before they pursue that career,” says Maia.