Three Changes I Would Make to St. James High School


Three changes I would make to St. James High School are break times, leaving school for lunch, and time we start

The first change I would make is the break times for our schools. Breaks are important to students because it allows them to socialize with their friends for a while before going back to learn. It would benefit students by making them have a better time at school.

“I think we need longer breaks because we are in school for a long time,” says Ava Simpson.

The second change I would make is to allow students to leave school for lunch because I think that people should be allowed to go out and get food if they want/need to. They should be able to enjoy their lunch.

“I think we are old enough that we can leave the school and get lunch and come back responsibly,” says Ava Simpsons.

The third change I would make to the school is the time we start. We have to start so early that people are still not fully awake when they get to school and they are still tired. Allowing students to start later would allow for them to be awake and ready to learn.

“I think we should start school later because a lot of kids are up doing their homework late so they wake up later,” says Ava Simpson.