Three changes I would make in St. James High


Three changes I would make to St. James High School are tardy policies, school snacks, and adding a Botany/”Outdoor” class.

The first thing I would change about St. James High School is the tardy policy, with the tardy policy it’s somewhat unfair. Some students aren’t late on purpose, their bus is either late or their parents dropped them off late or maybe they couldn’t find a way to get there on time and now they have to worry about a tardy. Me personally, my bus is one of the last remaining buses to get there and I have to walk all the way to the end of the school to get to my first period, I worry about being tardy a lot even though it’s not my fault.

I would personally change the policy by making the kids walk in the front get their current period class information  and just mark them here. For the kids who actually skip, you would know because their attendance isn’t marked present.

  •   “It really doesn’t make sense how they mark people tardy if the school opens at 7:53 a.m. and they give you ISS after 5”- Bri Guzman

The second thing I would change about St. James High School is the school snacks/drinks that they serve in the vending machines or at lunch.

The school vending machines majority of the time are empty, have nasty snacks, or only have water. I would say to add more variety or snacks like chocolate, candy, or snacks from places other than America. As for drinks, water is healthy but not everyone wans water, there are water fountains everywhere (Some which don’t even work) and their could be more variety of drinks like tea, gatorade, flavored water, etc. This also reminds me of how dirty the bleachers are, the school should definitely invest in cleaning the bleachers because they absolutely never get clean and you can tell. There has been the same yellow stain on the bleachers for months.

  • “ I believe that the school should provide some snacks for free for students that cannot afford to buy the snacks from the vending machine”. – Adamariz Son

The last thing I would change about St. James High School is I would love to have a Botany class or a class that has to do with the outdoors.

I am more of an outdoors person (unless it’s extremely cold) and my dream job has to to with being outside a lot and working with plants and animals so if I had a Botany class of some sort that would really help me out. I don’t know how that would really work to just add a whole other class and category of some sort, but however that would happen I would be very pleased. 

I also think that it would be good for kids to have some peaceful time outside, besides gym. It is somewhat of a relaxer.

  • “Classes like Botany would give students hands on experience with nature and help them in future careers.”- Mr. Moore