The Ice Prince, Yuzuru Hanyu


The Prince of the ice, Yuzuru Hanyu, is Iconic, stylish, and fierce. 

Yuzuru is a Japanese figure skater who has won many awards. He was born december 7th, 1994 making him 27. He is known for being one of the greatest skaters of all time. 

Yuzuru is one of the most well known figure skaters in the world having his own fan base called The Fanyus. Why does he have so many fans? because there’s just something that pulls people in when they watch Yuzuru skate, he is a true artist when it comes to the ice. He has broken many records and made history on many occasions. If someone can make it rain winnie the pooh, his favorite lucky charm stuffed animal, you know they’re iconic.

“The way he stakes is extremely elegant and makes him look like a feather floating through the air,” says Emily. 

Yuzuru is known for his amazing fashion choices for the ice, wearing some of the best looks seen in the men’s category. He has broken gender stereotypes which helps to stop toxic masculinity, taking a lot of time on each look making sure it fits the theme of his skate. He often wears more feminine attire. His fans have a running joke that you can always identify him in a crowd of skaters by spotting the most bedazzled and sparkliest costume.

“Being a person who loves art in general, the way Yuzu moves, exuding so much confidence, fluidity, musicality, elegance, his shiny costumes…it was all very satisfying and pleasing to my eyes,” wrote yuzuu.pooh.

If you were to google Yuzuru you could probably find many cute and funny videos of him, but he has a fierce side as well. Yuzuru is really competitive, when he was asked if he was going to attend the 4A (Quad Axel) during his free skate he said, “of course.” This jump has never been landed in compativation yet. He’s been working on completing this jump since 2015. Yuzuru brings an uncompare energy to the ice because he is the greatest of all time. 

“He is in a completely different status than I am as a skater,” Nathan Chen, fellow Olympic figure skater, told me before this season began. “I will always respect that.”