Former American Idol Contestant Involved In A Fatal Crash

Caleb Kennedy, Former American Idol finalist, charged with DUI after fatal wreck Tuesday.


A former American Idol contestant, Caleb Kennedy, is being charged with a DUI with his involvement in a deadly crash on Tuesday.

17-year-old Caleb Andrew Kennedy, who appeared on American Idol in season 19, was arrested Tuesday after he was involved in a fatal car crash that killed 54-year-old Larry Parris.

Caleb was on American Idol as an upcoming 16-year-old country artist, but his career has potentially met its end after causing a crash that killed Larry.

“How could you be so close to becoming a decent country star but throw it all away after driving into a house and killing a man,” Graham Edwards said in disbelief.

The crash happened at approximately 12:41 P.M. on Tuesday in broad daylight.

“No clue why a 17-year-old is hammered early in the afternoon on a school day”, said Lauren Steele.

Caleb’s first court date for his legal process is April 14th. The circuit court judge still has to decide on his bond


Tyler Niedermoser stated, “He was a great upcoming local artist, it sucks that he threw it away.”