Shaun White and Retirement


Olympics, athlete, snowboarder

Shaun White represents these three attributes. White is a 35-year-old Olympic snowboarder from America.

Shaun White has been an Olympic snowboarder for over sixteen years, and he has participated in five of the Olympics. However, he plans on retiring as an Olympic snowboarder after this year’s Olympics.

Shaun White says, “In my mind, I’ve decided this will be my last competition.”

Snowboarding and being an Olympic Snowboarder might be what Shaun White is known for, but he was also a skater. White can be described as an athlete because he has tried out other sports and has been snowboarding for a while. 

“Growing up I always just watched Shaun White. He is the one that got me into snowboarding at such a young age,” says Graham.

White has shown interest in other sports like skateboarding, but being a snowboarder has been his main sport for a while now. Sadly, White has lost interest in snowboarding, which has led to him deciding to retire as an Olympic snowboarder.

Shaun White says, “but joyous, as well. I kind of reflected on things I’ve done and looked at the sun going down and went, ‘Wow, next time I’m here, I won’t be stressed about learning tricks or worried about some competition thing.