Cardi B Makes her Daughters Instagram Account Private


Protective, Forgetful, and Concerned are all words to describe Cardi B.


Cardi B made her daughter’s Instagram account private after receiving hateful comments.


Cardi B’s daughter, Kulture, has 2 million followers on her Instagram page.


“Cardi B admitted that she hadn’t been reading the comments on kultures Instagram page, which has more than 2 million followers before a fan alerted her to the abuse,” says Stephanie.


As a young kid who is famous it is important that they don’t let the hate get to them. Cardi was being protective over her daughter by turning off her Instagram comments.


“…The toddler was flooded with abusive messages calling her “obese” and a “Mistake Child,” says Stephanie.


In her daughter’s bio it says that the account is runned by her mom. But fans started to get concerned after hateful comments were not being deleted.


“Such a mistake child and you thought you were something,” says a hateful person.