Disappearing mystery


A girl named Kathrin went to some rocks in Arkansas and got lost and then the police came and tried to find her. They think she drowned. They then found her in a cave on a hill and she was completely fine. She was eight the first time in the woods. Services for six days and nights in wood seven miles away from where she originally was. in apparel 2001 another girl got lost while with her grandma at a park. A little girl goes to a waterfall off of the path. She was taking a long time. but then she was gone. The largest search mission in the history of Arkansas for Hailey Giza. 51 hours later she was found by two searchers. She was gone for two nights. She says that a girl that was dead helped her. She didn’t know she was dead… her name was alone. Someone named Eddy was missing for three days and his sister was missing too. She and Eddie went into a park for a fishing spot and then they got lost. The girl just started running into a forest and she said she found someone and tried to get help. But they just hid from her.