Lil Baby and Nicki Minaj’s New Single Tops Charts!!

Lil Baby and Nicki Minajs New Single Tops Charts!!

Popular, confident, bold.

27 year old rap artist “Lil Baby” released his new song Do We Have A Problem with Nicki Minaj this past week.

Do We Have A Problem is the first single off Nicki’s upcoming fifth studio album.

“Lil Baby and Nicki Minaj is the perfect combo we never knew we needed. This song is straight fire.” says Maddie Stevens.

For many fans this new duo was unexpected but seems to be good as they top charts!

“It’s amazing. I listen to it 24/7 ever since the release. The lyrics hit home.” says Jonathan Fullrod.

The music video on youtube just reached 12,172,468 views which is incredible for only being up for five days.

“I personally think It’s Bigger Than is better but the songs are alright.” says Graham Edwards.

It also topped charts when it was released in 2020 with 154,499,376 views on Youtube.