World’s Longest Fingernails!!


Lee Redmond’s likes her fingernails length to be like the length of a school bus!

Redmond broke the Guinness world record for the longest fingernails in 2008 and has continued her nail journey ever since.

“It’s strange how they become a part of you after some time.” says Lee Redmond.

Her ridgid nail routine consisted of no filing for 19 years and applying around ½ a bottle of nail hardener to her “claws” on the daily.

“I could never imagine living with nails tha long, it seems impossible to do anything” says Maddie Stevens.

Redmond managed to raise a daughter and is currently raising a granddaughter while having these nails.

“I could never have nails that long either due to the cost of keeping up with them and it also seems never racking to not break them.” says Camryn Navy.

She plans to keep her nails in the near future and possibly break her own record… again!