A Wonderful 100th Birthday


Frances Morris, wise, smart, and caring.

Frances Morris, a citizen in Conway SC, celebrated her 100th birthday on February 3.

Morris claims she doesn’t have a secret to living as long as she had, but on her mothers side, there is a history of longevity.

“I just want to have a good time,” “I like to go out to eat,” says Morris.

She lived on Long Island and worked as a secretary at a junior high. After retirement, she moved down to myrtle beach with her husband around 30 years ago and has lived here ever since.

Jaden McBride says, “I couldn’t imagine living that long; it’s incredible.”

One of her reasons to move down here was her love of seafood. She also had quite a connection to the area as her father serviced typewriters at the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. Her mother, who was born of a French family, and her father met working at a bank together.

“My dad was strictly Southern Baptist,” Morris said. “There was quite a combination there.”