Tom Brady Retirement


Tom Brady is like a coffee breath wearing a mask.

Tom Brady is a well-known NFL quarterback. He played for the New England Patriots for the longest time but now plays for the Tampa Bay Bucs. He just announced that he is retiring from the NFL after 22 years. Brady broke many records in his career.

Tom Brady just announced that he was retiring and that he says “never say never” because he feels that he will be back in no time.

Maddie Stevens says, “I feel like we all know he is going to come back, it’s just a matter of time.”

When Brady retired he signed a one-day contract with the New England Patriots because he wanted to sign his retirement papers with the first team that he played for.

Mr. Moore says, “While I appreciate how great of a player he was, I am so glad I will not have to watch him beat my teams anymore.” 

Brady won three league MVP awards and his seven Super Bowl wins are more than any NFL franchise has accumulated.

Lauren Steele says, “I am devastated he is retiring because he is my favorite madden player.”