Olympics in China


China is taking the covid to the extreme. During the Olympics, they have gotten really strict about covid.

BEIJING (AP) — Officially, the Beijing Olympics are taking place inside what organizers are calling “the enclosed compound activity area.” says wbmfnews.com

They have made a bubble that keeps the Olympics contests in a small area to be monitored and covid test. They are required a lot of covid testing.

“It is a daily requirement — sometimes more. Some members of the Olympic family were told on Sunday that if they had recently visited one of the alpine skiing venues, they would need a second PCR test that day instead of just one. The bubble, despite the efforts of most everyone in it, is not airtight.” says wbmfnews.com

This requirement allows them to make sure they have no contact with outside people and to make sure they are covid free or they can not participate in the Olympics.