Gamecocks Women’s Basketball Team Number One


Gamecocks Women’s basketball is in the lead like Kansas City Chiefs.

University Of South Carolina Women’s basketball team is still the lead for the women’s college basketball poll. 

South Carolina shows no sign of giving up their number one spot. Their number one spot is on the USA Today Sports Women basketball and coaches poll this week.

“I am glad to see the team doing so well this season, hopefully they can go farthest that they ever had,” says Liam.

The Gamecocks are 21-1 so far this season. They are currently playing their best season yet. 

Joseph says, “ I wish their football team played as well as the women are.”

Their next game is on February 10th at 7pm playing at Kentucky.  

“The Gamecock Women are gonna beat Kentucky and bring home another win, I am sure of it,” says Morgan.