Miami’s Troublesome Peacock Problem


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Male peacock walks freely along the village street

Peacocks have been roaming the streets and neighborhoods of Miami, but some people aren’t as accepting of it as others are. Some find the birds walking among their towns a bother, due to them leaving behind things such as feces and making too much noise during the day. So, with this in mind, a portion of the people who reside within Miami have decided to put their foot down and do something about it.


Numerous authorities and officials have claimed to try and begin resolving this problem nonviolently. It’s still a work in progress.


“We searched statewide for a sanctuary or zoo that would accept them,” claimed Assistant Director Kathy Labrada. She also claims that the next best option is humane euthanasia, which is something that is generally used for the quick deaths of animals or people. The killing or capturing of peacocks is illegal in Miami because of the 2001 peafowl ordinance, which also has to be taken into account due to this situation. 


In reality, the people of Miami have begun to make sanctuaries for these birds. Citizens are making safe places for them to be moved to if a neighborhood or development ends up not wanting them around, or someone happens to stumble across one and doesn’t know where to bring it to. 


Soon enough, the peacocks that tread across Miami should be secure. The residents would hate to see them hurt, even if a few don’t exactly care for them. 


“They almost become a part of the community,” declared Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins. She represents Palmetto Bay in Miami, which has turned itself into a peacock sanctuary. 


The people of Miami, Florida hope that this issue is resolved soon, and without any harm coming to these birds.