Florida man gets car hit by train, flies into residential home.

Florida man gets car hit by train, flies into residential home.

Stealing a car is bad, but getting that car hit by a train is worse.


A Florida man stole a car, which later got hit by a train on Saturday. He stole the car to look for his own but got stuck on tracks.


The man jumped from the car seconds before it got hit, and made it without injury. The car went flying into another home near the area. Nobody was harmed, and the man was arrested later on. The man says he stole the car in a “good faith effort” in order to look for his car. This happened after he left a bar. 


“What is he doing?” says Jonathan Follrod, clearly stunned by the man’s actions.


It doesn’t stop there. After the car crashed, the man went to a local fruit stand. The man stole a forklift from the area and it ended up being vandalised also. All of this took place in Martin County, Florida.


The Martin County police department released an official statement in which they exclaimed that the man was arrested after he said, “to let them know he was still looking for his car.” He was talking to local deputies.


After the car went flying into the side of a residential home, the residents woke up and were questioned by the police. The residents were all fine and there were no injuries. The 38-year old male is facing charges under multiple accounts. We are unsure if anyone is pressing charges.


The residents of the home say, “the explosive sound of a driverless car smashing into the side of their home was clearly jolting.”