Jordan Peele drops teaser trailer for new movie “Nope”

Jordan Peele drops teaser trailer for new movie Nope

Jordan Peele’s new movie “Nope” has just dropped its first piece of footage ahead of the super bowl. The film which was revealed in 2021 had no other footage or information about it until now. Were still waiting on an official trailer but a teaser was much appreciated by Peele’s fans.

The teaser showed clips from Jordan Peele’s previous movies “Get Out” and “Us”. It also revealed actors Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, and Daniel Kaluuya. Fans have talked about what the plot may be on various platforms such as Twitter,TIktok,Instagram,etc. Jordan Peele has starred in several shows such as “Key & Peele” and The twilight zone reboot. 

His movies are a hit among many his first nominating for several awards and him winning best original screenplay. “Nope” releases on July 22nd, 2022 with fans excited and marking their calendars we can assume this will be a loved and admired film.