Class Feature: Choir


Choir is one of the best classes in St. James High School.

Mr. Bedwell’s B165 Choir class meets in 1st block.

Choir is a very simple, yet important class. Mr. Bedwell teaches the students singing technique and many things involving singing. Mr. Bedwell is a very fun teacher that is very helpful every single day. Mr. Bedwell is a great and understanding teacher and has children of his own so he’s very understanding towards his students.

Students seem to enjoy doing warmups as well as vocal exercising. There are 2 specific blocks for Choir, and one is chorale. Chorale is the more talented students including people that had to be invited by Mr. Bedwell, try out for it and get in. Chorale is a very specific class with not as many students involved with it since it also requires at least one year of original Choir experience and you have to be in at least 10th grade.

The most interesting activities in this class are the field trips they go on. Last year a bunch of students and Mr. Bedwell went on a trip to DisneyWorld, involved in a very important competition and they had one first place. Other than last year’s trip, this year they’re fundraising by selling poinsettias and much more things to go on a trip to Universal Studios during sometime near spring.

Bryleigh Williams says, “I’m in 1st block choir and I enjoy going on field trips, but other than that the class is actually pretty fun and it’s also a very easy class if you actually know how to sing.”

Andrew Thompson says, “I like this class.”

“I enjoy teaching choir and teaching young students the importance of singing, and I love watching my students have a fun time whilst perfecting everything our class can in order to have a great concert. Our trips are also a very big part of our program including last year’s Disney trip. We won first place in competition and it truly inspired me and my students to work even harder and how well our hard work paid off was truly great,” Mr. Bedwell says.