Class Feature: English I


English is hard, but Mrs. Sessions makes it fun and easy to understand. 

Mrs. Sessions classroom is D128. I had Mrs. Sessions last year for first block it was the best class to have in the morning. Mrs.Sessions makes sure everyone works hard and has fun at the same time.

We read “Tears of a Tiger,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “Boy in the Strip Pajamas.” Those were the best books to read about. Mrs. Sessions class was always entertaining to want to go to and pay attention everyday.

Eric says, “ This class was fun. Every day was an adventure we had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day we had all had our laughs and make ups.” 

There were definitely challenges. There was a lot of reading and quizzes after. There was a time we had to take a big quiz on something we didn’t learn yet, but I passed the test. But there’s not a time we feel like we can’t ask Mrs. Sessions anything. She will always help us. She will make sure that if we don’t understand what she saying we will understand. 

“I love seeing my students and making connections with them each day. School isn’t easy, but seeing my students personalities makes it worth the work,” says Mrs. Sessions.