Class Feature: Art 1


Art 1 with Ms. Sparks is held during 3rd block in room B195. This class really gives students a place to express their inner creativity while following instructions for a grade. This class will also help develop students’ art skills and creativity.

Recently they have been drawing cityscapes, which are two dimensional pieces of art made to convey the illusion of three dimensional buildings. Their next project is dealing with Dia De Los Muertos. This holiday, (aka Day of the Dead) is a celebration to lost loved ones. The students are creating sugar skulls with the theme of loved ones they have lost. This is a good memoriam to give students for their loved ones.

Corbin McConville says, “My goodness golly gosh gee, that sounds so meaningful and pleasant, I wish I could do that.”

As you can see people love the idea of doing this in Art 1.

Taylor Nicks says, “This project is very meaningful to a lot of people, it really brings out the sensitive side of the students.”

As you can see, Taylor believes that students benefit from this project by being able to work on something meaningful.

Jamal says, “I usually don’t like art so I keep it pushing, but this project is pretty fire.”

As Jamal says, this project is pretty fire, even people who aren’t too fond of art can enjoy this project.