Class Feature: Weightlifting


Weightlifting class at St. James high school can sometimes be like boot camp, but however many students find this class to be beneficial and enjoyable.

Coach Norwood is the lifting director; he has been a coach for more years than most can count on two hands. Weight class is a very beneficial class for many reasons. Students lift weights to make themselves stronger and help keep themselves in shape. They do stretches to keep their muscles flexible to prevent cramping and soreness. Students also run or sometimes walk every day before class to get warmed up and help them have better stamina. 

Some people are scared to take the class because they think they’re not strong or that they might get injured. Lifting is a class that will help students get stronger. There are max days every week so they can lift to their limits to see how much stronger they got from the time before. It’s a very safe class, they learn all kinds of different lifting techniques so they’d know how to properly lift. They also learn how to prevent injuries and the basics of how to be safe in the weight room. 

 Alex Moore said, “I love weight lifting class with coach Norwood, it’s a great class and very beneficial.”

That’s just one of the many students that love the class. Coach Norwood is a great guy who likes to joke around and will give students plenty of tips and tricks for sports or lifting.

Coach Norwood said, “Everybody wants big muscles but nobody wants to lift heavy weights. Work hard, play hard.”

That’s a very true statement. If students put in the work then they will have time to do what they like.