Class Feature: U.S. History & Seminar


Mr. Olivencia teachesthe  US History and Seminar class during 2nd block upstairs. Students learn about a lot of history.

The class is currently on Unit 3, which is Reconstruction. In general this class is just learning about different times of history. Students watch a lot of history movies and answer questions on what they learned. They all enjoy doing that in the class.

“I love this class because learning the history that we learn is so interesting,” Julia says.

Some challenging things about this class are probably the tests and quizzes that students have to take. They really have to study for them to do well on them. They have lots of questions on them and sometimes the questions are confusing. Also some of the projects students have done were challenging. 

“We are a welcoming and fun-loving class that studies history to grow as people,” Mr. Olivencia says.

Students should take this class because they should be aware of the history that has happened so they know that they cannot let it happen again. This class can also help students prepare for the future because if they have to take some history classes in college, they might already have some knowledge about what they are going to learn. History is so important to learn about, there is so much that happened that if students didn’t take this class they wouldn’t even know about it.

“The movies that we watch about what we are learning are always so good,” says Shelby.