Class Feature: Physical Education


PE 1 Fall 2022 is very similar to the standard physical education class.

PE 1 Fall 2022 takes place in the St. James High Gym, taught by Kenneth McSorely (aka Mr. McSorely, Coach McSorely).

“I think McSorely is a good dude,” says Mr. Holman. 

Mr. McSorely’s class takes place in first period; the same time as Ms. White’s PE class. Being in the same gym, the classes often combine en  masse for the same physical activity. Whether it’s dodgeball, badminton, pickleball, basketball, the mile, etc, they will regularly join together.

“It’s like a regular gym class,” says Jackson Sabage.

The class goes through their education in units; one or two weeks are spent doing one sport or activity. It’ll usually turn competitive, including finals and winners. There are usually a few days of steady competition and elimination. Finals occur, and winners are announced (the only prize is the ego boost).

Every day starts with a unanimous class stretching and a warm-up. The warm-ups range between running activities and modified running activities like buttkicks and lunge walks. Warm-ups usually follow a schedule, with a specific warm-up assigned to each day of the week. They are frequently modified by location, time, and small details such as running longer or a certain way. The class often goes to the track field and runs there, sometimes followed up by outside activities. 

“I feel very engaged in this class,” says Brandon Thien.

A few of the most challenging parts of this class can be acclimating to certain sports as students can be pushed to play anything even if they haven’t played it before. And, whatever sport one is doing that certain unit, he/she is stuck with it. The running pacer test and mile are frequent as well. They don’t make students push themselves, but it does affect their grade if they don’t meet certain standards. 

A few positives about this class is that it can help introduce students to certain sports that they wouldn’t have ever known they would enjoy if they hadn’t played them in PE. Students could do these sports professionally or, less, as a recurrent hobby. It also provides a casual, everyday workout in place of the more intense JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) or the bothersome self-induced workout. 

“It’s just PE,” says Lillie Daniels.

The class can be taxing, but it is overall perceived as a reasonable gym glass.