Class Feature: Art


Art may seem boring, but it actually is very fun.

In-room  E221, Ms. Mikolajczyk’s second-period art is the best class. In this class, Ms. M teaches students to learn art composition, how to draw cityscapes, portraits, and so much more.

When students did the cityscape drawing, they had to use a ruler and make a city environment. The most interesting activities students do in this class are clay or pottery. During this project, students used clay to make a cup.

The class has a fun and safe environment. Students have time to talk to their friends and have conversations while working on projects.

“The class is amazing,” Rylan and Kobe said.

The most challenging part of this class is drawing our self-portraits.

“My art 1 classes have been so fun this year! Seeing my students’ different personalities and friendships form is one of my favorite parts about teaching,” Ms. Mikilajczyk said.

Students should take this class because it teaches them art skills they might need in the future. Art can be used to communicate your thoughts and ideas.

“Ms. M gives the best advice,” Cam said.