Class Feature: Band


Band is a very exiting class to have with many different activities to participate in like physical education. Where there are different activities that the student can do in the program.

Mr. Capps teaches this class, and it is held in the band room in 3rd block. It really just depends when that class is available considering students have other classes to attend to possibly in the same block.

Students learn how to read music and how to play it along with their peers so they don’t have to learn it all alone. Band is about music and what it teaches you and how it makes you feel in general. 

The most interesting activities that a student gets to learn is how to hold an instrument and how to play it along with reading the music sheet.

Marissa says, “Its a very interesting class and has been fun over the past two years.”

The challenging part about band is learning how to read the music and what each symbol means. Along with learning how to hold the instrument and and how to play it correctly so there are many sounds that come out of it. The most challenging part of band altogether is playing the music with all the students in the class and making it sound musical and not like a big mess of different instrument sounds.

Mr. Church says, “Teaching the class is very difficult, but it is worth it along the way.”

Students should take this class because it teaches you the fundamentals of each instrument and the sounds that come from the instruments. This class prepares you for the future by teaching you the different rhythms of songs and teaching you basic fundamentals so whenever the students wants to do something similar in the future that they are already ready for it.

Layne says, “Its been the most fun class ive been in since ive been in high school and it’s very worth it.”