Class Feature: Government & Economics


Some people believe that Government & Economics is a difficult class, but Mr. Tibbits makes it easy for all students.

Mr. Tibbits is a teacher here at St. James High School. He currently teaches Gov. & Econ. as well as Sociology. His classroom is located on Bullhead, in room F245. His first block class is Gov. & Econ., which is held from 8:15-9:55. Students in the class learn about how government and economics work together to affect every aspect of daily life. 

In the class, students get to play quiz games, watch educational movies/TV-shows, and do interactive lessons to get a good understanding of the information.

Laurel Williams says, “His class is very informative, and the way that he teaches helps me memorize the information.”

The class can be a bit challenging at times, especially when it comes to memorizing names and new vocabulary terms. However, Mr. Tibbits is great at teaching lessons that are easy for all students to understand.

Mr. Tibbits says that enjoys teaching Government & Economics. “I like teaching government because I get to talk about some of the current issues that are going on that I think kids should be more involved with, and to give them a background of what their rights are and how involved they should be in their government as they get older, and hopefully more concerned,” he says.

He also says, “I like teaching economics–especially the personal finance part–so that kids get a better understanding of how to manage their money and hopefully be a little more efficient when they get out of school. A lot of schools don’t cover that stuff. And a lot of kids are lacking in financial skills when they get out of high school.”

Students should take the class in order to learn how to manage their money & to understand how the government works.

“Social studies is my favorite subject, and Tibbits is a really good teacher. He does a good job at putting all the info we need to know in an easier-to-understand format,” says Rebecca Rhodes.