Class Feature: Earth Science


Earth Science is taught by Mrs. Ellerson in room C135 in first block.

In this class students learn about discussions about the types of rocks and minerals. They will learn more about what causes earthquakes, landslides, floods and other natural disasters.

Earth Science is an important class to take because it is highly relevant to the welfare of humanity. It allows people to predict and prepare for natural disasters. Students will gain an understanding of the solar system and universe, materials of the Earth’s surface and deep interior. They will gain an understanding of how lakes and oceans are formed.

“I learned more about what the different types of bodies are,” said Kacie Marcus.

Most students have trouble remembering the important things that students should remember about this class.

“I think understanding how the world works is important for students to know, I like the real life interaction activities we can do,” said Mrs. Ellerson.

Students should take this class because it prepares students for real world situations and it also helps students to know what to do to prepare themselves for when these things happen.

“I like that this class is fun and we can have fun while we are doing our assignments, and I learned more about what caused oceans and lakes,” said Austin Hoeffer.