Class Feature: Calculus Honors


Calculus Honors is like learning how to fly, quite nearly impossible. 

Mr. Cannon teaches this class. This class is in E204. This class meets during the third block.

Students in this class learn continuity, derivatives, integrals, infinite sequences and series, and the standard transcendental functions. This class is very difficult. Many students in this class struggle a lot. Students who are in AP classes still say Honors Calculus is their hardest subject.

Mr. Cannon is a good teacher, although he is very fast paced. He does always help the students when they need help. 

“It’s my hardest class,” said Taylor Less.

Mr. Cannon is super nice and always gives us chances to win prizes including raffle tickets, quiz, test points, or cappys. These prizes are super helpful for students. Some kids say it is the worst part of their day because this class is such a struggle. 

“Calculus is not just a class, it’s an adventure,” said Mr. Cannon. 

The most challenging parts of this class is the actual math part. It’s very hard and it’s a buildup of every single other math class that you ever took. Classes including: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-calc, and now Calculus. The reason you should take this class is because studies show that students who have taken high school calculus are more likely to succeed in college. 

“I cry myself to sleep every night because of this class,” said Mary Kuzian.