Class Feature: Biology


Some people think Biology 1 is boring and useless, but it’s fascinating and teaches students a lot.

Mr. Wortley’s room, D138 under Bullhead hall, is where Biology I takes place.

In Biology, students will learn about the cell, the molecular basis of heredity, biological evolution, the interdependence of organisms, matter, energy, etc.

The most interesting activity that students do is the labs. They are entertaining and teach the students about the lesson they are working on.

Students get to do a yeast lab, microscope lab, and much more.

Lauren Steele says, “The most challenging part of Biology I was learning about animal and plant cells because I wasn’t paying attention.”

The most challenging part of Biology I is the formula for energy because it has so many steps to it.

Mr. Wortley says, “My favorite thing to teach is probably photosynthesis, respiration, or DNA because there’s a lot of interactives and real-life connections we can make with the environment and how we inherit things.”

Students should take this class because it is actually entertaining. They get to learn about any type of organism and how they function. It explains how the human body works, which could prepare someone for the future.

“I learned CHO, CHO, CHON, CHONP,” Carter Jones says.

C, CHO, CHON, CHONP is an acronym that represents the main elements of life.