Class Feature: Government/Economics


This classroom is like a zoo with anything that could happen at any point.

The teacher in this classroom is Mr Fox, and the room is E225 and the school block is 3rd.

In this class, students are learning the basics of economics and government where one portion of the semester is economy and the other half is based off government. In this classroom they are doing actives that base around said subject and what they would learn and they do notes or such to help them learn and prepare for things that the teacher may have them do.

“I enjoy learning about economics and stuff, and Mr. Fox teaches us well,” says Fred.

The most challenging part of this class is trying to absorb all the information that you are being shown in said class and making sure to not forget any of it.

“He is funny and very engaging and only makes you feel slightly bored,” says Richard Knox.

Students should take this class because it helps them at least know a bare minimum of what to expect when they are released to the outside world. This class also prepares students for if people threaten you with a baseball bat because he does that a lot so if you are mugged you know how to defend yourself. (P.S. this is joke.)

“Its a class that you can speak you mind and say your opinion,” says Joey Mann.