Class Feature: Ceramics


Ceramics is like walking into a room with nothing but differences in every corner.

For this Ceramics class, the primary teacher is known as Beth Mitchell. This class is held in room B187 and is held during third period.

Students in this class learn many different things. Some things that students have learned would be techniques with clay, glazing, and the tools needed for the projects they create. This class has its general idea of being a class that works with clay.

There are about 32 students in this class, and each student makes something different for each project. All projects have specific criteria that should be followed, but the students are able to make them their own. During this third-period class, a few students are ahead of others and are far more advanced pieces. Some students have learned to use the potter’s wheel, which has been a very interesting topic that they have learned.

Each student has their own thoughts and ideas when it comes to creating their pieces. Mrs. Mitchell makes it so that her students not only enjoy the class, but they enjoy their projects and are proud of them. She is always around to help and always has some secret tips she tells.

“I love Ceramics; it makes me break out my creative side,” says Maren Figueroa.

Throughout this class, there have been many challenging moments. Many students find the hardest part of ceramics is starting as a new student. This has to be the most challenging part because it is all new and takes a lot of time to learn and practice.

“Ceramics 1 is an introductory course to clay hand-building techniques. We create a variety of both functional and sculptural projects. What is most enjoyable about teaching this class is listening to students interact and share their creative ideas with one another. Each student brings to life a different and unique perspective through manipulating a lump of clay. I am always impressed with what they do from start to finish and watching the design process unfold. I think students enjoy this class because they can take what they create and use it in a practical manner or gift the creation to someone they care about,” says Mrs. Mitchell.

Students should take this class because it teaches patience and acceptance. In addition, this class will help students in the future by preparing them to know not everything goes to plan, it takes work, and it’s okay to restart the process when needed.

“At first I didn’t really life Ceramics, but it grew on me when I started to get more confident with my work,” says Jaden.