Class Feature: Weightlifting


Weightlifting is like a ball pit.

Coach Norwood teaches this class it is in the weight room, and it is during third block. 

Students learn how to do certain exercises and have fun with their friends. In this class, students also learn cool new stretches. 

The most exciting activity is playing basketball whenever they finish their exercises. They play with a bunch of good players and then Jake Hendrix, who is not very good, but that is okay because it still is fun. Another fun activity is when they stretch because it feels good and helps the body whenever it is sore. 

“It is a fun class,” says Kobe Small.

The most challenging part of the class is certain exercises that take a lot of energy from your body. Many of the activities can make students feel sore and tired. 

“I love to see them boys work; they need to stay out of the mini gym though,” said Coach Norwood. 

Students should take this class in order to get into shape and become disciplined. It can help them to work hard and be able to push through hard times. 

“ Tyriq needs to work harder,” says River.