Class Feature: English I


English I was like ELA in middle school.

The teacher is Mrs. Crews, she is located upstairs in room F226 and had a 3rd block class during lunch.

This class is about reading and writing different books. The students would have a week to do an essay about the book or a project. They would popcorn, audio, and solo reading. The final would be a test on a big book they read or an EOC.

During COVID days the lunch ladies would bring the lunches to the rooms and eat in the classroom. Some days the students would go on a walk around the school to get “fresh air.” 

Mrs. Crews says, “I enjoy teaching English I because I really enjoy teaching 9th grade; the curriculum is fun and interesting, especially the books that we get to read. I love getting to know my kids and their interests, and that helps me tie in what we learn in class.”

Students should take this class because it’s a major core class they need to take to graduate.