Class Feature: Weightlifting


Weightlifting class is like going to the gym and working out. 

Coach White, the St.James High School PE coach and Cross Country and Track coach, is the teacher/coach for this class. This class is held in the weightlifting room, the mini gym, and outside, and this class meets during the second block. 

Students in this class learn about the different muscles in the body and what different exercises help build muscle in certain areas. This class is generally about exercising and building muscle for physicality and to help with sports.

The most interesting activities that students do in this class are when they max out on an exercise with weights, doing yoga on Fridays to rest, or going up with weights because it shows how athletes are improving.

“I love the class, it’s awesome. I want them to get a better enhancement out of this class and to succeed in the sport they play,” says Coach White.

The most challenging parts of this class are when students have to run long distance for cardio because it can be tiring. If it is hot outside, it can be uncomfortable and athletes can get too heated, or if it is too cold out, the cold air gets in their lungs and hurts their throats, and it is hard to breathe. Another challenging part of this class can be lifting weights because everyone has different strength abilities and are lifting heavier than others, so some people might feel weak seeing other people lifting heavier than them.

“I like this class because we work hard and the teacher. Everyone says she is strict, but in reality we get away with a lot of things,” says Raegan Tibbits. 

Students should take this class because it is fun with all of their sports friends. It is a good way to push each other, and when class members hit max for weights or a new mile time, it feels good and they can lift each other up. This class prepares students for the future because if students want to play their sport in college or even professionally, the strength building and agility building can help them get better in their sport and give them better chances to go further with their sport. This class also can help students health for the future and put them in good exercising and health habits.

“Coach White may be strict, but she pushes us hard,” says Kenzie Kraus.