Would you rather: Arms or Legs?


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Body parts cartoon. Hands and legs animation creation kit clothing boots for characters arm glove vector. Leg and hand body collection illustration

Would you rather live without arms or legs?

“Legs,” Cole Morgan says. “I would rather have no legs because I can get prosthetic legs and they’re not as noticeable as prosthetic arms.”.

“Arms,” says Abby Wash. “It’s because I like to be able to move around and I use my legs for that. I feel like I could learn to adapt and live without my arms better than my legs.”.

“Legs, ” says Chassity Kelley, “because you can do more with your arms.”.

“I would rather live without legs,” says Connor Burns, “because I’ve seen videos where people lift themselves up with their arms onto wheelchairs like monkeys and stuff.”.

I would rather live without legs,” says Mr. Moore, “because I could still use a wheelchair and some other way to move around. I feel like I use my arms and hands for more than I use my legs for.”.

“Legs,” says Casey Brannon. “I choose legs because I can’t already do what I used to be able to do so I know I could fare better with arms than with legs. With arms I could push a wheelchair; with arms, I could move my body.”.

“Without legs,” says Gaia Brannon. “I like touching things with my hands. I feel things better with my hands. Like if I was petting a cat, I wouldn’t be able to feel it as well if I was petting it with my feet.”

Apparently the majority leans toward keeping their arms.