Would Your Rather?

Would Your Rather?

Would you rather have a fast forward or a rewind button in your life? Why? 

1. Riley Bullock says, “Definitely rewind because I don’t want to miss some things.”

2. Marwil Romero says, “I would rather pick rewind because if I mess up something I can always go back.”

3. Jerry Moore says, “I would definitely rather have a rewind button because I would definitely change some decisions I made in the past.”

4. Carter Jones says, “Rewind because what if I fast forward and I die, I just won’t want to know that.”

5. Farah Gardner says, “Probably a rewind because I would go back and do things differently.”

6. Camryn Prophet says, “Rewind because I can fix things.”

7. Taylor Jones says, “Fast forward because I don’t want to relive the past.”