Would You Rather?


Would you rather learn how you are going to die, or learn when you are going to die and why?

Alisha Patel says, “When, so I can do everything before that date.” 

Anya Brannon says, “When, so when I get close to the end, I can do what I want to do before I die. If I only knew what was going to kill me, then I wouldn’t be able to feel fulfilled in life.”

Conner Burns says,”How, because I could prevent it.” 

Carter Jones says, “How, so I know if I could try and stop it.

Riley Bullock says, “When, because I don’t want to know how and be paranoid.”

Mr. Moore says, “How, because if I knew when, I would just always live dreading that date.”

Taylor Jones says, “When, so I can prepare.”