Profile: Leonardo DiCaprio

Profile: Leonardo DiCaprio

Actor, Winner, Hard-Worker. 


These words describe actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, who lives in Los Angeles, California, and is 47 years old. 


Leonardo DiCaprio is a very successful actor. He has been featured in 51 movies and 30 TV shows. He is best known to a lot of people for his role in Titanic as “Jack Dawson”. 


“This is the BEST movie and greatest love story I’ve ever seen. This movie really got me in my feelings. They could not have chosen anyone better than Leonardo DiCaprio(he is gorgeous) and Kate Winslet to play jack and rose. They played those characters with so much heart and feeling that it almost seemed like real life,” Katharine Bankhead says. 


Leonardo DiCaprio has won countless awards. Some of the awards are, Academy Award For Best Actor In A Leading Role, in 2016. Silver Bear For Best Actor, in 1997. MTV Movie Award For Best Male Performance, in 1998, 2005, and, 2016. 


“He has been a popular actor for a long time and has played a wide variety of roles,” says Mr.Moore


Leonardo DiCaprio has worked very hard to get all these awards and become a popular actor. In 1996, he became a teen heartthrob after starring in Shakespeare’s, “Romeo and Juliet”, then, in 1997 he starred in James Cameron’s, “Titanic” where he started to become a big sensation. He might have started at an early age; however, he had trouble getting roles due to trouble finding an agent. He also grew up very poor so it might have been hard for him to believe he could get this far. 


“What is remarkable about Leo is his consistency, if he’s in it, the audience knows it’s going to be good because he’s in it. I mean, when is he not great? But that’s not an accident. He works his ass off,” says Rothman who first worked with DiCaprio on Romeo + Juliet, and Titanic at Fox.